You cow's milk allergy? Do not worry, there are other alternative types of milk! 15-01-2021

If you are allergic to cow's milk, it will be forced to limit or eliminate cow's milk from the daily menu. However, you need not worry because other kinds of milk can still provide essential nutrients for the body, such as cashew nuts milk, soy milk, almond milk ...

Nut milk is sweet, greasy, suitable vitamins, mixed with coffee or dessert drink cow's milk substitutes.

240ml milk of pure nuts contain 25-50 calories, 2 - 4 g fat, 0 - 1 g protein and 1 - 2g carbohydrates. Cashew milk contains about 1/3 calories than cow's milk; about 1/2 fat; Protein and carbohydrates are almost negligible.

Due to the low protein content of milk cashews may not be appropriate if you wish to want to increase the protein . Instead, you can choose the type of protein-rich dairy alternatives such as soy milk or oat milk.

Cashew milk without sugar is a low-calorie option is ideal when you need to reduce daily calorie intake. Low carbohydrate and sugar content is also very suitable for people with diabetes.

Cashew milk tastes delicious, greasy, easy to prepare at home again so you can perform at home cashew milk dishes without losing too much time.

How to Make Your Own Organic Cashew Milk

Milks replace cow's milk differ in nutrient content and may be suitable or not suitable for certain audiences. You need to determine your nutritional needs to choose the best fit for their milk. Thus, you will avoid allergies and still be full complement of nutrients necessary!

Doctor Hanh Nguyen Thuong


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