7 food to eat everyday 03-03-2014

There are some foods you should eat each day. However, there are some foods are beneficial to the body if eaten daily.

Food is very important for the survival of man. It provides energy and nutrients for a healthy body. Different foods provide vitamins and other minerals. So we need a diverse diet to balance the nutrients. There are some foods you should eat each day. However, there are some foods are beneficial to the body if eaten daily. Here are 7 foods you should eat each day.

1. Red tomato

Tomato is a fruit rich in vitamins A, C, and K. Tomatoes are also rich in lycopene - an antioxidant that protects cells against cancer. The researchers found that cooked tomatoes help protect people from cancer live a better tomato.

2. Carrots

Carrots are considered good food for the eyes. Because carrots are rich in beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is converted from vitamin A and are then absorbed into the retina in the eye. Vitamin A to strengthen healthy eyes and improve vision, even your night vision. Vitamin A helps prevent eye disease. In addition to eye health effects, the carrot was a "warrior" against cancer.

3. Green leafy vegetables
The leafy green vegetables is thought to be one of the "super food"natural. Green leafy vegetables are low in calories so you can help control weight. But they contain high levels of vitamins and minerals that help fight cancer and heart disease. Green leafy vegetables also help prevent or manage diabetes.
4. Beans

Beans are high-fiber foods, but low in fat. They help maintain a healthy digestive system. In addition, legumes can also help prevent cancer and diabetes limited. In the bean that contains nutrients such as folate healthy and potassium.

5. Yogurt
Eat yogurt daily to help you enhance the immune system and fight cancer. Yogurt with live bacteria is good for the digestive system. The live bacteria will help balance the good bacteria in your stomach, making the absorption of vitamins and minerals more efficiently.

6. Nuts
Nuts (cashews, almonds, chestnuts ...) have more fiber, protein, and antioxidants. The seeds are also sources of saturated fat is not good for the heart. So be good for you if you can eat a handful of nuts every day.

7. Grains

Whole grains rich in fiber and beneficial to the digestive system healthy, even whole grains, or gluten or not. Do not worry if you are not familiar food grains with gluten, since there are many types of whole grains without protein. Examples of whole grains is quinoa, whole oats, brown rice.

Try to incorporate healthy foods in your daily diet. Make eat different foods, at different times of day. A healthy eating habits will help you a lot healthier.


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