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Cashew nuts are rich in minerals such as copper, magnesium and contains more monounsaturated fat nnen good for your heart. In addition, the county also has many uses it later.

Cashew (Kaaju) is one of the particles are widely grown in many countries across the globe. Cashew nuts can be used for a snack or added to foods to enhance the flavor of the dish. In addition to making the dish more delicious and cashew nuts are also many health benefits: 

What makes this special particle?
Cashew nuts are rich in minerals such as copper, magnesium and contains more monounsaturated fat nnen good for your heart.

Here are the nutrients in 100 grams of cashew nuts:

• Riboflavin 19mg
• Calcium 46mg
• Thiamin 63mg
• Niacin 2.1mg
• Phosphorus 428mg
• Carbohydrates 27gm
• Protein 18.5gm
• Fat 48.2 gm
• Energy 578

Consumed a quarter cup of nuts every day will give you the nutritional benefits as well. You will receive a 37.4% monounsaturated fat every day to keep your heart healthier, 38% of the daily necessities and 22.3% magnesium.
Health benefits of nuts

• Does not contain cholesterol and is extremely safe for the heart.

• There may effect construction.

• Helps in maintaining healthy gums and teeth.

• Provides energy for the body and are considered a high-calorie foods.

• Coc contain monounsaturated fat, healthy and help protect your heart because it helps reduce triglycerides often causes heart disease.

• Has antioxidant properties, helps remove particles that free radicals cause cancer.

• Rich in magnesium. Magnesium works with calcium to build strong muscles and build bone in your body.

• Women who have insomnia due to benefit menopausal problems should eat a little nuts to improve your sleep.

• Mineral particles of copper in providing flexibility for the joints and bones and blood vessels.

• nut consumption allows the body to absorb iron, helps eliminate cancer by causing free radicals, melanin production and helps the skin more beautiful your hair. 

The nuts are fatty acids, including tocopherols, phytosterols and squalene help reduce heart disease with the added benefits cholesterol levels is not really a health food. Cashew nuts have a relatively low amount of fat than other nuts including peanuts, almonds, walnuts and walnut. However, you should also add nuts in moderation, so use sparingly.
The role of magnesium in nuts 

- Develop a healthy heart and protect you from muscle spasms, stress, fatigue, muscle aches, headaches caused by migraines and high blood pressure.
- Magnesium along with calcium to make bones and your muscles strong and healthy. It also helps prevent attacks of asthma and provide restful sleep for postmenopausal women.
- Cashew nuts also help people avoid diabetes as it can reduce triglyceride levels and help protect the body from complications of diabetes.
- Protect your teeth and gums from bacterial attack.
Cashew nuts can be damaged if stored at room temperature, so keeping them in the refrigerator after the package carefully. Cashew nuts are stored carefully can use extends to the whole year.

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