The special dishes made from the cashew 28-03-2012

A new cultural cuisine made from the material left the nuts what some people have invented other delicacies, this strange hope in the future of this delicious dish will be popular, contributing to increase the value of the cashew Binh Phuoc. Invites you to enjoy visually.

Cashew nut is 22-23% carbohydrate, 44-49% fat, 15-28% protein and various trace elements is beneficial to health; State of the ripe fruit is high in minerals, vitamins B1, B2, PP. Special juice that has vitamin C content of ripe banana is 10 times higher, and 5 times compared with other types such as orange, lemon ...

Dumplings cashews

Rolls of cashew nut

Nut bread rolls

Little bare wheel nuts

Bánh mì patê điều

Tea, cashew sticky

Cocktail of cashew nut

Article publication curry

Article guise leaves

Article grill

Article grilled vegetables

Article ram

Article roasted sesame

Cashew fried chilli

Salad Conditioning


Wine articles

Sticky nuts

Mỗi ngày 30g hạt điều
Chỉ 30g hạt điều mỗi ngày cho sức khỏe của bạn

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