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Vitamin E is a nutrient containing a wide range of elements known as Tocotrienols and Tocopherols. These nutrients are helpful in order to avoid the over-oxidation in our body. These nutrients also aid in preventing the risk of certain types of cancers and to fight off a wide range of degenerative conditions. These nutrients also aid in promoting the overall body responses in our body and vitamin E prevents the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

The most natural method of getting vitamin E is via natural foods and there are several foods that have this vitamin in its most natural state. However, it is always best to get the best health benefits of this vitamin by eating only fresh foods as far as possible instead of cooking them or storing.

There are many benefits of vitamin E and these include increasing the endurance of our body and for maintaining a healthy skin and protecting it from UV rays. Some other benefits also include acting as natural antioxidants that aid in protecting the cell structure which is very vital to avoid any damage caused to them due to free radicals. In addition, vitamin E also helps in protecting our red blood cells which carries oxygen to all the body tissues and protecting them from damage. Vitamin E also reduces the appearance of stretch marks caused by pregnancy, wrinkles and acne scars. The vitamin E oil also aids the scalp in blood circulation, prevents the signs of premature aging, graying hair, hair loss and balding.

There are several foods that contain vitamin E and you should certainly try and add all these foods to your daily diet in order to get their maximum benefits.

Almonds are the best sources of vitamin E and just an ounce of almonds provides a huge amount of vitamin E (nearly 7.4 milligrams). Vitamin E is also found in the form of almond oils and almond milk. We must always to everyone to eat raw almonds if it is possible for getting its benefits.

Raw seeds Some selected seeds like pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds contain vitamin E. Just half a cup of sunflower seeds provides us with our daily dose of vitamin E around 90.5 percent thus making these raw seeds as one of the best vitamin E foods that we can eat.

Swiss Chard is easily one of the best and healthiest vegetables that we can eat daily as it contains high doses of vitamin A, C and K. Swiss Chard is another food that is high in vitamin E and just one cup of this boiled vegetable gives us nearly seventeen percent of our daily needs.

Mustard greens are also packed with nutrients and give us many health benefits. They are also considered as one of the best vitamin E foods and is high in vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C and folate. The boiled mustard greens provide us around fourteen percent of our daily dose, but it is always better to eat the organic variety of mustard greens.

Turnip greens taste a little bitter but are very dense in important nutrients. Just one cup of these greens gives us lots of vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C and folate.

Spinach This is one of the best leafy greens which can be added to your diet. It is considered as one of the best calcium foods which are high in folate and vitamin E. just one cup of this boiled green can give us around twenty percent of our daily needs. Fresh spinach can be added to our sandwiches in order to make them extra healthy.

Kale is another vegetable which should be eaten as much as possible as it is high in nutrients and our daily vitamin E requirements. It is best to eat the organic variety as much as possible

Hazel nuts This nut is a perfect snack to add to your diet and to your long workday. Eating just one ounce of this nut can give us around twenty percent of daily requirement. Another substitute to this nut is drinking hazelnut milk in the morning coffee instead of the regular milk

Pine nuts One ounce of these nuts contains around 2.6 mg of vitamin E and pine nut oil can be added to your diet too for some extra nutritional benefits.

Plant oils Many plant seeds are good sources of vitamin E and the best oil containing vitamin E is present in wheat germ oil. Sunflower oil is another great oil containing vitamin E as it gives us more than 5 mg of it and thus it can be used even for our daily cooking. Other important vitamin-E rich oils also include the coconut oil, cottonseed oil, hemp seed oil, safflower oil and olive oil. Always ensure that you buy only those oils which are cold pressed, organic and unrefined.

Broccoli is considered as one of the best detox foods and is also one of the healthiest foods which are high in vitamin E. Broccoli may not contain as much vitamin E as other foods on this list but it is surely the best food that you can buy today.

Parsley is considered as an excellent spice and contains great amounts of vitamin E. parsley can be added to our salads, or any curries which require an extra dose of this vitamin. Dried parsley can give us this vitamin requirement but try and use only the fresh variety rather than the dry one.


Source mycookbook

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