Curly kale and cashew salad 15-04-2013

A salad can taste good even in the winter. Long gone are my days of eating simple lettuce, cucumber and tomato salads, now I need more texture, flavour and nutrition. Someone recently asked me what was in one of me kale and cashew salads, so here is the recipe. Enjoy!


handful of curly kale
handful of spinach
handful of lettuce
1/2 spring onion chopped
4 raddish
1″ cucumber chopped
1/2 tomato
1 large mushroom
1/4 avocado
small handfull cashew nuts
small handful pumpkin seeds


2 parts olive oil
1 part lemon
1/4 part dijon mustard


Chopped and rinse all veggies. Mix together

Mix all dressing ingredients together and shake

Put dressing onto salad, toss and serve.



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