Mango ice cream with honey roasted cashews

  • 02-07-2018

The recipe has a few components like the ice cream, roasted cashew nuts and finally, the sundae. I have given clear headings for each component for your convenience. Enjoy!


Vegan pizza tomato cashew cream

  • 06-06-2018

A creamy, salty tomato cashew cream replaces cheese, and it’s dolloped with a delicious avocado sauce. I’m confident that you and your family will wolf down and enjoy this pizza, whether you’re vegan or not.


Cashew Tofu Stir Fry

  • 18-04-2018

Easy One Pot weeknight meal. Serve with rice or grains of choice. Vegan gluten-free Recipe is good for your health.


Cashew cake with fresh strawberries

  • 22-06-2017

This single-layer lemon cake is baked with a topping of chopped cashews. Serve with sliced strawberries for a festive touch


Beef stir-fry with cabbage and cashews

  • 20-06-2017

The majestic and beautifully deep green Savoy cabbage, cut into long strips, is added to the pan, along with some cashews and the juices of the marinade, and a few minutes later the dish is served with rice noodles and a good squeeze of lime. The zingy, bright, salty, sweet and spicy flavors blend to create a sumptuous and light dish with various and interesting textures.


Eating Nuts May Lower Cancer Risk

  • 04-05-2017

Eating nuts at least four times a week may reduce the risk of cancer overall, including colorectal cancer, when compared to eating nuts less than once a week, finds a new analysis of the research. The analysis, published this week in Nutrition Reviews, focused on the effect of nuts on both cancer risk and type 2 diabetes.


Vegan Baked Spiced Cashew Cheese

  • 19-04-2017

You can definitely make a delicious raw cheese with a spread-like consistency by simple blending the ingredients together or letting it sit overnight without baking it. The recipe calls for an all-purpose seasoning blend. I used this one but feel free to get creative!


Thai red curry with peppers and cashews

  • 20-03-2017

The veggies will simmer away with some red curry paste, some creamy coconut milk, and a few other additions like broth and a touch of soy sauce to really bring out all the flavors. At the very end, we’ll mix in some cashews, squeeze in some fresh lime juice and top it all off with fresh basil


Cashew Coconut Fish Bites

  • 17-01-2017

The choice of cashew nuts and desiccated coconut was a good one, with the processing of both to a flour consistency, producing a nutty and crisp tasting coating. Coupled with the spices and egg mix – which you may adjust to your own taste – but I strongly recommend that you keep the white pepper, as this provided a delectable delicate balance to the crisp coating


Orange & cashew salad with wasabi sesame dressing

  • 07-12-2016

The main flavor profile in this salad dressing is wasabi. Now if you’re a little timid with wasabi then start with about half as much as the recipe states. The wasabi in the tube (which I used) is less aggressive than wasabi paste you make yourself. I say just go for it. The wasabi marries perfectly with the saltiness of the soy sauce

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