Carrot cake with cashew frosting

  • 06-06-2023

It’s a pretty, sweet treat, that perfectly mimics the texture of the classic carrot cake, but it happens to be way healthier. This recipe is a quick and easy one with a few simple ingredients, and it is also great for using leftover carrot pulp from juicing.


The best food for children when vaccinated against COVID-19

  • 19-04-2022

A healthy diet can improve the immune response, help the body fight infections better, and can boost the immune response to vaccinations. So, what should children eat best when getting the COVID-19 vaccine?


Are cashew healthy for a diet?

  • 04-04-2022

Native to equatorial South America, the cashew is not a nut but the seed of the cashew apple, an edible fruit too delicate to export out of South America. You may enjoy eating cashews because they taste so good, but they're also good for you and can make a healthy contribution to your diet.


You cow's milk allergy? Do not worry, there are other alternative types of milk!

  • 15-01-2021

If you are allergic to cow's milk, it will be forced to limit or eliminate cow's milk from the daily menu. However, you need not worry because other kinds of milk can still provide essential nutrients for the body, such as cashew nuts milk, soy milk, almond milk ...


7 types of snacks with anti-aging, collagen proliferation effectively for you

  • 28-05-2020

These types of snack nuts are extremely easy to buy, but the anti-aging benefits are amazing beyond imagination.


Cashew cake with carrots and raspberries

  • 10-03-2020

This delightfully sweet and humble hummingbird cashew cake is packed with wholesome, nutritional ingredients and full of decadent flavour! Perfect accompaniment with your morning cup of tea!


Diabetic patients should eat these nuts every day

  • 29-01-2020

Researchers, from the University of Toronto, analyzed 117 adults with type 2 diabetes who are taking medications to lower blood sugar. Some people eat 75g of grain mix, others eat 3 whole wheat muffins and the rest eat half of both on a daily basis for 3 months.


What Will Happen to Your Body If You Eat 4 Cashews Every Day

  • 24-10-2019

Cashew nuts are widely known for their buttery-sweet taste and unmistakable shape. And although most of us like to include them in our diet as a simple snack, you probably have no idea that these nuts can actually do wonders for your body since they contain an entire array of various nutrients.


Make Your Own Organic Cashew Milk

  • 16-02-2019

Because homemade nut milks don’t have all of the preservatives and other additives that store-bought vegan milks have, they’ve got a shorter shelf life. You’ll want to drink your homemade cashew milk within a week of making it.


Eating nuts can help you lose weight

  • 07-07-2018

Nuts are full of healthy fats, which have been proven to help with the feeling of being full, and that’s one major thing that helps with losing weight.

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