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While Processing and Agricultural Product Market Development market forecasts that the next time there is not much volatility. Meanwhile, the Vietnam Cashew Association is optimistic that this year will be favorable for companies producing, processing things.

In particular, according to records of the Department of Processing and Agricultural Product Market Development, the first two months of 2019, the market value of cashew nuts exports surged by Belgium (2.7 times), Spain ( increase of 72.4%) and Australia (up 48.8%).

In reverse, the import volume of cashew nuts reached 92,000 tons in March estimated value of $ 158 million; bringing the total volume and value of imports cashews in 3 months reached 224,000 tonnes worth USD 389 million, up 6.2% in volume but decreased 19.5% in value over the same period.

That domestic prices were mixed in January 3. Specifically, in Binh Phuoc, buy bucket crude fell VND2,000 / kg, from 39,000 VND / kg to 37,000 VND / kg.

In Dak Lak, the price of crude increased slightly 200 VND / kg to 42,200 VND / kg. Meanwhile, Dong Nai stable at 46,000 VND / kg.

According to the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas), in the last week of March, the price of crude imports fell an average 30 - 50 USD / ton. Article imported from Cambodia even fall further. Vinacas explain why the price of crude fell mainly of corporate funds were depleted, while banks restrict credit provision for this sector, fearing the risks.

The human cost reduction in Binh Phuoc, with humanity W240 at 270,000 VND / kg, down 10,000 VND / kg; that humanity W320 at 260,000 VND / kg, stable compared to the previous month.
The market forecasts gloomy future?

Processing Department and Agricultural Product Market Development said that the price of crude has continued to decline in the coming months, due to the discharge pressure of Tanzania warehouse (currently at 300,000 tonnes).

"With the supply of crude large as this year to make sure the price of crude difficult to increase in the coming months. The price of cashew in the world still fluctuate downward trend due to abundant supply. Currently many exporting countries like Vietnam Male, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Benin, Mozambique, Ghana is still in the harvest ", Department of Processing and Agricultural product market Development comments

Departments that have to step into the second quarter, the price of the new world with the ability to recover back due to rising demand from China cashews and some other import markets. According to the Commission Dry Fruits and Nuts international demand for cashew nuts this year will increase from month 4/2019 and stable until the end of the year.

Processing Department and Agricultural Product Market Development forecast the future, despite the increased demand, but supply volume will also increase in 2019 is estimated to reach nearly 4 million tonnes, up from 300,000 to 400,000 tons compared to 2018. Therefore the market did not change much.

Meanwhile, Pham Van Cong, chairman of Vinacas said: "Currently, the human cost and crude fell more than the same time last year. The price of crude cheaper to consume human good will. Forecast importers quarter II and IV will consume cashew good on supermarket shelves thanks to price adjustments decreased from the second quarter. as such, this year will be the year favorable for companies producing, processing things. "
Resolve bottlenecks imports of crude during peak season

16/3, Vinacas has sent a dispatch to the Department of Plant Protection and Plant Quarantine Sub Region II.

According reflection of business, at present, the agency phytosanitary requirements inspecting, sampling the entire shipment of crude imports originated from Africa in the port, instead of allowing put on warehouse of business as before, ...

"Now is the peak procurement and import of crude in 2019. If the above provisions will not be removed soon seriously affect the production plan - the business of the whole industry in 2019", Vinacas said.

Vinacas reflected in the first quarter, the volume of crude importers from Africa new crop 2019 and the end of 2018 cases have yet to be transferred to Vietnam.

Facing him, Vinacas proposed to apply the sampling procedures as apply to seeds imported crude as before, enabling enterprises inspection and sampling at the warehouse of the enterprise in the form of rapid testing , applicable to items cashews.

Related to this issue, at a press conference the first quarter of MARD took place last week, Mr. Hoang Trung, director of the Department of Plant Protection, said recently, authorities phytosanitary continuously detected multiple shipments that have imported from the African beetle (trogoderma SP).

Mr Trung said this is the most dangerous type of termite termite and among all countries included in the list of plant quarantine, it should be strictly controlled.

Department of Plant Protection, said the cost to process this huge termite. Earlier, the Department has warned businesses but phytosanitary agency continues to detect a shipment trogoderma SP in the business can not take the goods to the warehouse.

Mr Trung said, despite warnings to businesses, but phytosanitary agency continues to detect a shipment trogoderma SP in the business can not take the goods to the warehouse.

"This will be a high risk for this type of termite infestation and spread in Vietnam" Trung said.

Duc Quynh
Source: Economic & Consumer


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