Challenger for cashew industry in 2012 15-03-2012

2011 was a turbulent year for many businesses that Vietnam when raw material prices, and export prices fluctuate constantly. Prices peaked in the first quarter but dropped to third after that

Two months of this year, the export price is much lower than the same period a year ago and no sign up again. However, this is not the only difficulty that the business sectors that will face this in 2012. Many people said that now is the time after Tet, consumer demand very little common cashew, and predicts the situation will improve, prices will increase again in Q2 of 2012. But picture this year's industry seems bleak, the situation has to import more raw materials and labor shortage is still pose challenges for many businesses. Mr. Nguyen Van Chieu - Stock Company general director of export processing Long An said: "The supply of raw materials is extremely difficult to surge and may decrease because of the general area of ​​trees down and usually difficult weather can promise a rich harvest of cashew production. The 2nd is the labor situation will continue to be difficult competition. "

          Currently, the introduction of machines into cashew production has brought cost-effective and labor to over 30% for businesses. But the raw materials of different origin, such as the Cambodian, the Indian, or the Vietnam, shapes, different sizes, requiring equipment to be compatible. Only from October 2011 to February 2012, the own machine peeled bark of the silk business has experienced five times improved. Status depends on machinery and technology actively pushing many companies into the world dilemma. Nguyen Minh Hoang, Director of Joint United Lan, Tay Ninh, said: "The toughest part of what we are if we purchased the machine to machine F1 is now the machine F5 F1 bosses we have blankets, no do nothing. But we tripped up is that we should not buy a machine F5? Because if then F6, F7 star is born again. Most businesses are very large, depending very much on his production machines. "

The story is also a credit concern for business in 2012. Many businesses say at this point, while raw material prices offered to exporters from India was reduced from 30 to 40% compared to 2011, and domestic raw material prices are much lower than in last year, only about 20 thousand dollars a kg, but businesses do not have money to buy. While inventories are still quite large. Nguyen Duc Thanh, vice president of processing and export Association of Vietnam, said: "We are facing difficulties in capital, the loan conditions, it is more difficult, for example in such a development bank, then in Group of 20, ie 20 leading enterprises, the capital guarantee is 15%, this year is 30%. The mortgage warehouse last year's budget were sprayed 7 and 8, ten percent this year, banks have been sprayed 3, 4, 5, 6 dozen. The conditions they set out to be harder. "

It's low price, materials, machinery and technology-dependent and tight credit are the difficulties facing this industry. Vietnam Cashew Association said the upcoming conference will be held between businesses and banks to solve financial difficulties for businesses. However, the experts with more volatile markets such as cashew, if the enterprise fails to satisfy the element of competition, it will be eliminated on the market.

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