Vietnuts' cashew is on the Public Science Newspaper

  • 19-11-2012

After attending the 2012 ArgoViet fair, The Public Science newspaper posted an article about VIETNUTS on 16/11/2012


Europe, US Buying Keeps Cashew Market Steady

  • 14-11-2012

Cashew market was steady with a firm undertone last week and witnessed reasonable activity with Europe and the US and some sales were reported to off markets as well.


Cashew report - week 43

  • 01-11-2012

After two weeks of decent activity, cashew market was a bit quieter in Week 43 but with a steady to firm undertone. There continues to be good interest for W240 & W320 at the last traded levels but most processors are asking few cents more. There was some activity in other grades which is a welcome change from the last several weeks when most grades were neglected. Activity picked up in Indian domestic market with a reasonable (not large) uptick in price for good quality product


Mim Cashew is 2nd Facility to be Approved for ACA Seal

  • 25-10-2012

This month, Mim Cashew is set to be officially certified under the ACA Quality and Sustainability Seal. The Ghanaian processor, with facilities in the Brong-Ahafo region of the country, will be the second company to receive this approval, following the inaugural certification of Tolaro Global in May of this year.


Fragile economy curbs cashew market movement

  • 19-10-2012

The cashew market remained unchanged last week with some slight pick up in enquiries not translating into actual business. There was reasonable buying interest at the lower end of the range for nearbys as well as forwards but selling interest at the lower levels was limited.


Vinacas adjust export plan

  • 26-09-2012

Vinacas just adjust the plans to export the whole year 2012 in the direction of cashew kernel exports in 2012 to about 190,000 tons, worth about $ 1.3 billion U.S


India shows interest in cashew nuts processing

  • 10-09-2012

India is considering establishing a cashew nut processing factory in Cambodia to curb exports to India from third countries, according to officials at the Indian embassy.


3 warnings in cashew exports to China

  • 29-08-2012

Facing a series of Vietnamese agricultural container exports to China was jam stasis at the gate, VN Association (Vinacas) had recommended urgent issue cashew-border transactions with China ...


Cashew prices likely to inch up on demand

  • 24-08-2012

Cashew market ruled steady last week with hardly any business reported even though there was a fair amount of buying interest seen from some traders in the US and Europe at lower end of the range.


Cashew market stabilises on some buoyancy

  • 14-08-2012

After several weeks of decline, cashew market seems to have stabilised in the last couple of weeks. There were no offers at the very low levels traded in the middle of last week of July. Although there was not much activity during the last week or ten days, offered levels moved up a few cents, according to the trade.

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