Cashew industry faces crunch

  • 20-05-2013

Cashew processors and exporters are facing problems like short supply, high raw material prices, and falling export prices, Thoi bao kinh doanh newspaper reported. This year's cashew harvest was completed last month, with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development saying output was down 20-50 per cent from a year ago due to unseasonable rains at the end of last year.


Vietnam's cashew industry in danger of losing the world's No.1 brand

  • 16-05-2013

According to GDC, the first quarter of 2013, the export volume of the country is estimated at 43 125 tonnes, valued at U.S. $ 262.15 million, up 15.4% and increased 1.84% in value the same period in 2012. The U.S. is the largest market of Vietnam cashew, accounting for 25.15% of total turnover, with 65.93 million, followed by the market turnover of over 10 million dollars in the first quarter include: China China 52.17 million, accounting for 19.9%, Netherlands 28.92 million, accounting for 11%, Australia 17.64 million, accounting for 6.73%, Russia 12.8 million, accounting for 4.88%


Vietnamese always at a disadvantage when doing business with Chinese

  • 09-04-2013

China has always been gaining the upper hand in doing business with Vietnam. Experts believe that Vietnam has been yielding to the big foreign partner on many issues.


The price of cashew nuts are on the rise

  • 22-03-2013

In contrast to the prediction that the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) made previously, in the two provinces with the largest area under cultivation nationwide, Binh Phuoc and Dong Nai, cashew is being purchased for the business 30,000 VND/kg, an increase of about 7,000 VND/kg.


Cashew growers face uncertain future

  • 13-03-2013

Though Viet Nam maintained its position as the world's top cashew nut exporter after attaining exports of US$1.45 billion last year, analysts are not confident about the cashew industry's sustainable development because of its lack of competitiveness and decrease in yield.


Cashew exports likely to remain stable as farmers eye bumper crop

  • 04-03-2013

Viet Nam’s cashew exports in 2013 will be the same as last year at about 220,000 tonnes, according to the Viet Nam Cashew Association (Vinacas). Speaking at a conference in HCM City yesterday, Nguyen Van Chieu, Vinacas deputy chairman, said enterprises exported 18,479 tonnes of cashew worth US$109.7 million in January.


India's raw cashew nut output likely to rise 15% in 2013

  • 22-02-2013

India's raw cashew nut crop, despite late flowering, is likely to be higher by 15 per cent this year — close to 800,000 metric tonnes as against 693,000 metric tonnes in 2012.


Vietnuts' cashew is on the Public Science Newspaper

  • 19-11-2012

After attending the 2012 ArgoViet fair, The Public Science newspaper posted an article about VIETNUTS on 16/11/2012


Europe, US Buying Keeps Cashew Market Steady

  • 14-11-2012

Cashew market was steady with a firm undertone last week and witnessed reasonable activity with Europe and the US and some sales were reported to off markets as well.


Cashew report - week 43

  • 01-11-2012

After two weeks of decent activity, cashew market was a bit quieter in Week 43 but with a steady to firm undertone. There continues to be good interest for W240 & W320 at the last traded levels but most processors are asking few cents more. There was some activity in other grades which is a welcome change from the last several weeks when most grades were neglected. Activity picked up in Indian domestic market with a reasonable (not large) uptick in price for good quality product

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