Vietnamese cashew exports are no longer dependent on China

  • 06-11-2017

One of the major agricultural products of Vietnam is the cashew nut export which has developed strongly in many countries in the world, no longer depend on the Chinese market.


Cashew and paradox import raw materials for processing

  • 27-09-2017

As the world's largest exporter of cashew kernels, Vietnam annually imports over 1 million of the 1.4 million tonnes of raw cashew nut used for processing. Therefore, when the raw material market fluctuates, enterprises must incur such expenses as contract cancellation, late delivery, poor quality of raw materials, especially food hygiene and safety.


New product Cashew nuts with skin 200g CoopMart

  • 31-07-2017

Our brand new product for CoopMart.


Industry sector is difficult because of rising raw material prices

  • 18-04-2017

At the beginning of 2017, the price of cashew nuts increased at a speed that many companies failed to catch up. In fact, the demand for cashew nut imports in some markets in the beginning of 2017 is often high, but many processing enterprises are very cautious in increasing the processing capacity, even the opposite, and reduce capacity considered


Cashew nut shell turn into cash

  • 08-09-2016

Oil production that Vietnam exported more than 600,000 tons per year, profits of not less than 2 million / ton


Vietnam exported more than 50% of the global cashew

  • 26-07-2016

Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) is focusing on four key programs are: "Accompanying farmers", "Cleaner Production", "Vietnam Value thing", "Export Development". It's information at once IX Vinacas congress was held


Cashew exports surge in January

  • 15-02-2016

Viet Nam's cashew exports in January jumped 15.6 per cent year-on-year to US$183 million, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. In volume terms, they were up 9 per cent to 24,000 tonnes.


CoopMart cooperates with Hat Viet

  • 10-09-2015

Vietnuts now has become a famous brand in Vietnam and on sold at supermarket and international market. We cooperate with COOPMART through the forms of OEM Cashew Nuts.


Raw cashew imports jump in first six months

  • 28-08-2015

Trade in raw and processed cashew nuts for the six months leading up to July of 2015 has risen sharply in both volume and value, according to the most recent statistics of the General Department of Vietnam Customs.


Vietnamese cashew now has a larger chance to enter the U.S

  • 25-05-2015

Vietnamese cashew now has a larger chance to enter the U.S. market, where consumers are switching to the nut from others thanks to its competitive price, according to the chairman of the Vietnam Cashew Association Nguyen Duc Thanh

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