Zinc - Immune Enhancing 10-02-2023

Translation acute respiratory infections nCoV there are unpredictable, so infection prevention measures is a top priority.

Weakened immune function increases the susceptibility to pneumonia and influenza, created the risk of developing autoimmune diseases and cancer. Maintain adequate zinc levels may limit the decline in immune function typically occurs with age.

Research shows that, particularly for the elderly, maintaining adequate levels of zinc may help prevent pneumonia.

In a study of older people in nursing homes, those with serum zinc levels normal rate of pneumonia is lower than those with low serum zinc levels. Studies related to elders shows zinc supplements help improve the function of the immune system and increase resistance to infection.

Zinc-rich foods

Consuming two to three daily foods containing zinc to support optimum levels of zinc in the body.

Oysters: Some oysters contain medium size to 5,3mg zinc. This type of shellfish also abundant protein and other nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B12, iron and selenium. Eat oysters also help you increase libido.

Lobsters and crabs: Very rich in zinc.

Some fishes such as salmon, halibut zinc but also less zinc in lobsters and crabs. Eat more seafood is good for general health and cardiovascular disease in particular.

Pumpkin seeds: 1 cup contains 6,6mg zinc. Pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil can reduce the risk of breast cancer in women after menopause. Pumpkin seeds are also good for prostate health and boost your mental health.

Beef: 100g contains 4,5mg zinc. Grass fed beef contains omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid has been shown to help build muscle.

Cocoa powder: 500g contain 1.9 mg zinc. Cocoa powder is a source of flavonoid, epicatechin and catechin, can function as antioxidants that help prevent inflammation and disease. With flavonoids present in cocoa powder also helps to improve blood flow and blood pressure.

Cashew: 500g contains 1,6mg zinc. Cashews are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and rich in protein. Cashews help against heart disease, reduce inflammation, promote and bone health support healthy brain function. In addition, weight loss created cashews satiety and curb appetite.

Kefir or yogurt : 1 cup contains 1,4mg zinc. Kefir and yogurt are products used as food probiotic. Both kefir and yogurt probiotic support healthy digestion, strengthen the immune system, promote cardiovascular health and regulate your mood.

Mushrooms: 1 cup contains 1,4mg zinc. Mushroom nutritional benefits including proven ability to enhance immune activity by antioxidants, reduce inflammation, fight cancer, protect the heart and improve brain function.

Spinach: 1 cup contains 1,4mg zinc. Spinach is one of the most nutrient-rich foods. Spinach contains carotenoids, especially related to reducing the risk of many diseases, including heart disease, obesity, diabetes, neurological degenerative diseases and even cancer.

Source: Health - Life




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