Vietnam exported more than 50% of the global cashew 26-07-2016

Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas) is focusing on four key programs are: "Accompanying farmers", "Cleaner Production", "Vietnam Value thing", "Export Development". It's information at once IX Vinacas congress was held

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Quoc Doanh said the dry spell in the past history shows possibilities and advantages of the cashew tree when climate change increasingly fierce. Should not increase the area, 3 years, authorities and farmers conducting intensive breeding has helped it increase productivity 3 tons / ha / crop, increased by 1.3 tonnes / ha / crop. Income from trees that had been raised so people no longer cut down trees that situation. Towards the continued intensive breeding to take things the average yield to 2 tons / ha. There has been many models to reach 3.5-4 tonnes / ha / crop. With an area of about 300,000-350,000 hectares available, striving to bring the output to 1 million tons / year by 2020, reduce import dependence of crude.

The economy still faces many difficulties, buying on world markets fell, in Vietnam many agricultural products when exporting trouble, however, because the demand for cashew international efforts to stabilize the , try the whole industry, cashew Vietnam still increase in output and exports, rise year over year. Especially in 2015, according to statistics, the number of agricultural products major exports of Vietnam, is one of the 2 individual commodity exports have increased for 12 consecutive months. Number of individual export 330,000 tonnes by 2015 with exports of products which reached $ 2.5 billion, of which USD 2.3 billion individual. With this result, branch of Vietnam continues to maintain the position of exports leading 10th consecutive year and now accounts for over 50% of total global trade individual ($ 5 billion).

Wasabi Cashew Kernel

Going into specific measures in the new period, Vinacas proposed state interest in supporting the participants in the commodities value chain, including 2 subjects especially farmers and export processing enterprises export it. In particular, for the support farmers credit, licensing and transfer of land use right certificates. For enterprises that export processing, is the most important mechanisms and policies to support credit, taxation, agriculture, improve cashew processing equipment.  Vinacas proposed the establishment of a sustainable development fund that aims to help stabilize production conditions, promote links production and consumption of business - cashew farmers based guidelines and policies of the Government on development development cooperation, linking production associated with the consumption of agricultural products, building big field. The revenues of the Fund consists of four sources: support from the state, part of the first attack on the export revenues of all businesses that export processing (1-2 USD / tonne cashew), funding and revenue sources other. Funds used to support intensive rehabilitation programs and research orchard seed, cashew farmers support research to improve the process technology, manufacturing equipment and processing conditions, improve product quality, contact trade and market development in the country.

Source Vinacas

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