This sector will be in price 15-03-2012

The continuing trend of quiet far from the New Year, the world grain market was lacking both buyers and sellers.

In India, after a long time almost does not work, has appeared a number of transactions, but only a handful fall into consumption centers. "Prices have risen slightly, but not a trend," a dealer in Mumbai said.

In India, a number of contracts of crude was trading at prices between 100 and 150 USD / ton, depending on origin and quality. About 10,000 tons of crude Tanzania have been dealing with right USD/tan-1.350 1325 USD / ton.

After bumper crops in African countries, Indonesia and Vietnam, the price of crude has fallen sharply.

In Vietnam, a Vietnam processors sold at reduced prices, but generally the processors do not rush to sell now. RCN purchase price in Vietnam is about 27,000 to 28,000 VND / kg, lower than 30% of the price from 40,000 to 42,000 VND / kg beginning of the season (ie May 2-3 last year).

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