Lesson from export 10-04-2012

2010, exports of Vietnam to achieve good growth and first joined the group of goods with exports more than $ 1 billion. For years, Vietnam has always been the national leader in the export and accounts for 20-35% share of the world's processing.

Recalled more than 20 years ago, Vietnam has not been processed agricultural products, seeds that the farmers are made mostly of crude to India. Therefore, profits from export of cashew nuts bring the price is not high and often dominated by the large purchase such as India, Brazil, Indonesia ... Moreover, Vietnam has to compete fiercely with water supply of raw cashew nuts in Africa.

However, at that time, many people have noticed that with the existing advantages of raw materials and labor, Vietnam can fully become an exporter of processed cashew nuts in the world . Moreover, the production equipment to peel cashew nuts do not require a level too high, the industry in the country can fully satisfy. So in 1988, agricultural engineering industry in the country has spawned a cashew processing plant in Vietnam quite cheaply, money transfer is very low tech, easy to repair and upgrade the damaged fails ... At that time, the line technology equipment for a plant with a capacity of 2,000 tons a year, if an external device used to invest $ 2.5 million, is equipped with chains of Vietnam took only $ 10,000. Production costs cheaper but higher quality products to solve many more jobs, this technology is applied quickly at most 80 cashew processing factories in Vietnam. The result is more than 10 years later, in 2002, Vietnam has risen and firm position as exporter of the largest processors in the world.

Thus, from the known to take advantage of the advantages: abundant local raw materials with high quality labor force and especially harvest technology and processing chains are inexpensive due to be built in this country ... helped it quickly become the industry key export sector of Vietnam. This 2012 forecast cashew export volume will reach over 198,000 tonnes with export value of USD 1.71 billion.

According Baomoi

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