Foods to be eaten during winter to prevent disease 24-12-2011

In winter, cold weather will make many types of bacteria grow and cause disease, especially influenza virus, this virus can even cause the disease. To help people get healthy and avoid germs cause disease, the scientists at the research center resistant Paris (France) has listed some foods that may prevent winter illness very well.

Black Tea

In black tea contains substances that help promote the activities of the cells in the nose, helps repel germs.

Cashew nuts

As many foods contain minerals such as zinc, selenium and iron - the immune system enhancer. Cashew nuts also contain more protein. Cashew nuts contain lots of fat but mostly unsaturated fats - substances beneficial to health.


These are foods rich in vitamins and minerals, including zinc and vitamin E - factors that help the immune system healthy.

Chicken soup

Scientists at the Nebraska Medical Center says, chicken soup has anti-flu very good. The composition of the soup consists of chicken, beets, carrots with chicken. To increase efficiency further, you add one or two cloves of garlic into the soup.

Watercress and what is

In addition to better fight cancer, they are capable of very effective anti-virus. What is (modified goose) are particularly likely to relieve the lung congestion, runny nose and cough. Both two kinds of improvements are also rich in vitamin C, fiber and folate, to strengthen anti-carcinogenic glucosinolates.

Onions and garlic

Spicy and bitter taste of onion and garlic in the food is likely the most effective against the disease and you should eat them every day. To get maximum benefit, you should eat raw garlic.

Ginger tea

Ginger is the root contains many anti-virus, including substances that are resistant to virus directly, including substance gingerol ho can resist. To make ginger tea, you need to boil water, then poured into crushed fresh ginger has been, for about 2-3 minutes spent drinking.

Eat more red food coloring

Foods such as carrots, tomatoes, papaya, chili ... will give you many health benefits because they contain lots of vitamin A,-carotene - the substance more resistant to cold body.


According to scientists, each day eating about 30 - 60 g of honey will help you fight the disease increased 3 to 4 times and allow easy recovery of the flu because of the natural glucose and fructose.

Inhale steam

First, you pour boiling water into the cup, then put your nose up close to the glass and inhale the hot air rises. Note that to keep a certain distance to the nose, not too hot, you should breathe in the air until all the heat and do so every day about 5 times. Everyone said the flu virus is resistant to withstand cold but not hot. So when inhaling steam, it will bind virus in the nasal cavity are destroyed.

Black currant

There are about 2.000mg vitamin C in 100g black grapes, getting enough vitamin C is extremely important, because it prevents flu infection and help maintain a healthy immune system.


Potatoes are one of the vitamin-rich foods. Potatoes are also high in potassium and fiber. Potato peel is the most fiber, the flesh under the bark high in vitamin C. Eat fresh potatoes (when new discharge) is best, because it kept high in vitamin C from potatoes took so long in the house. You should not soak the potatoes in many countries to shave bark, because it will take more vitamin C.

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