3 warnings in cashew exports to China 29-08-2012

Facing a series of Vietnamese agricultural container exports to China was jam stasis at the gate, VN Association (Vinacas) had recommended urgent issue cashew-border transactions with China ...





In recent days, the media of VN constantly reflect the situation container thousands of U.S. export to China was "bury the truth" at the gate. Hundreds of enterprises services export to China face many difficulties, even bankruptcy when the number of commodities more and more congested. Originally identified as a cause by the Chinese side to strengthen inspection activities for goods imported from Vietnam, especially in agricultural and fishery products.

Facing, Vinacas just have the Emergency Dispatch advised companies on issues dealing cashew border with China. According to Nguyen Thai Hoc, Chairman of Vinacas, although in July / 2012, products exported to China in 4 main gate of Lao Cai (Lao Cai province), Friendship (Lang Son), Thanh Thuy ( Ha Giang province) and Ta Lung (Cao Bang) is normal, but will not exclude the possibility that the Chinese authorities to strengthen inspection in the near future.

Therefore, to ensure contract performance cashew exports to the Chinese market, the association recommends that companies need to do just three things:

  • First, companies need to consider to ensure the quantity, quality and complete set of documents according to the contracts signed with customers. 
  • Second, companies should check, if look far signed contracts during this period. 
  • Third, enterprises should choose the method of delivery at the factory and require 100% payment after receiving goods.

According to Vinacas, China is a very important market. In 2011, China imported more than 16,200 tons of cashew nuts, with a turnover of over U.S. $ 107 million (ranked second, after the United States). However, recently, China Customs require the buy confirm purchase prices from $ not allowed much lower than the market price. Based on this issue, China can bring items from Vietnam in the anti-dumping investigation and application of anti-dumping measures.

In addition to the risk of having to export, the state of Chinese traders into direct purchasing VN particles also cause difficulties for the operation of the industry. So Vinacas also suggest the provincial People's Committee, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of QLTT strengthen inspection and control of the situation.

Source nongnghiep.vn

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